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We Are SixtyFive.

And we're on a mission to help American seniors retire with less financial stress and more day-to-day flexibility. We offer the first and only supplemental source of income based on home equity, on demand.


We believe that after working hard for so many years, your retirement should look totally different. It's your time to enjoy life without financial stress, and to invest in your well-being - without financial stress.

We designed the SixtyFive card with you in mind. It’s your equity locked inside your home. We just give you the key.

Affordable, flexible, and transparent. Supplemental retirement income you can access on demand. Anytime and for anything.

Founding Team

Tali Gross
CEO & Co-Founder
Eyal Stern
COO & Co-Founder
Ron Likvornik
CTO & Co-Founder

It's your time to thrive