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How it works?

SixtyFive lets you to use your home equity as a supplemental source of income, on demand.

Upon transferring your home equity to a trust, a monthly cash flow will be available to you for any purpose at any time. No monthly repayments required, no origination costs and no hidden fees. Every three years you'll need to decide whether to continue your SixtyFive program, pay back the accumulated advance or convert it into shared equity.

We designed our card with retirees in mind.
In fact, with you in mind.



01. Pre-qualification

Check your eligibility for a monthly allocation of up to $3,000. Fill-in your personal info, and SixtyFive will make you an estimate.

2 Minutes

02. Verification

Get your identity verified quickly, right from your living room. A dedicated representative will be available to you at all times.

10 Minutes

03. Offer

We'll provide you with an offer immediately following your application. Your extra retirement income is now just two simple steps away.

30 Minutes

04. Signing

Set up an in-person or a Zoom call meeting with a notary to sign all the documents. We're almost done.

05. Congrats, you're approved!

Your SixtyFive card is on its way and will arrive within the next 4 business days. In the meantime, access your available funds with your virtual card.

It's your time to thrive